Beyond KalOnline - 2020 Client [NEW CLIENT]

download Client from : // Download Server is:Online


download Client from : // Download Server is:Online


Beyond KalOnline - 2020 - Download guide step by step and troubleshooting

Step1 : Download our client from one of our Download Provider

Step2 : unpack our Client on any place you want on your desktop

Step3 : make sure your Antivir (e.G. Windows Defender) is deactivated, else it can delete kind of files

Step4 : Rightclick Engine.exe click on properties -> compatibility -> Run the Engine.exe as Administrator (if Req. test out Windows 7 / Vista) and save it.

Step5 : Start our Launcher with Rightclick -> Start as Admin, and update our client, or Download our Manual Patches.

- when you still can not start the game, check if the engine.dll got removed by your windows defender, here is a guide to solve this problem:

Step1 : Open Windows Defender Security Center.

Step2 : Click on the Virus & threat protection icon.

Step3 : Click on the link Virus & threat protection settings.

Step4 : Scroll down to Exclusions and click on the link Add or remove exclusions.

Step5 : add the whole Oriental KalOnline folder

Step6 : re-extract the file again, update your client with the launcher and start the game!